Letter to the editor: Number one society pollutant is alcohol, and it does matter

Mar. 09, 2013 @ 10:12 PM


A question that needs an answer: Does it really matter? I ask you, does it really matter that our children are becoming orphans, wives are becoming widows or cripples, jails are becoming homes for a lot of our young adults, marriages are broken, lives shattered, all because of a number one society pollutant, known as alcohol?

Does it matter what form it comes in? No, the effects are all the same. Does it really matter that a dad’s paycheck is spent on alcohol, his family suffers the bitter end of it all. It should matter.

Does it really matter that alcohol is an evil stronghold, that as a society, some feel they can’t do without it. Whether it be greed or prestige, the driving force behind it is evil. Whether you agree or disagree, will not change the word of God, nor his ordinance for mankind. Some may say this is a matter of opinion. I beg the difference; it’s a biblical fact.

For those who it doesn’t matter, if you should get a call or visit in the middle of the night, your child or wife has been taken from you in an alcohol-related situation, wo would you blame? Does it matter who you blame? There’s a waiting line and you are in it.

Alcohol doesn’t identify or recognize its victims. Please think about who is to blame and does it really matter. The Almighty God says it does matter.

Brenda Richmond Gregory