Letter to the editor: Many employees depending upon alcohol sales for income

Mar. 09, 2013 @ 09:11 PM


Much has been said or written about liquor by the drink in Pigeon Forge, but I haven’t heard much about if it passes, how it might help the hard working employees of the companies that elect to provide a full-service bar.

Recently my wife and I stopped into a Bull Fish’s and just by chance ended up being seated in the bar. A very lovely and bright young lady was our server. I commented on the fully stocked bar and she politely mentioned that they were one of the companies with their temporary liquor license and she hoped that they would be able to keep it.

When asked why, she said that she was working her way through college at UT and that since they had the full bar her average sale had increased and correspondingly her income. She stated that having the full bar had not caused them any additional problems and that for her it had been a substantial help in furthering the funding for her education.

I felt her story was significant, revealing that it isn’t just the business owners or perhaps the school system that will benefit from liquor by the drink but also the hard working people that serve the visitors that fuel our local economy.

Michael Anderson


Jackson Mountain Homes Inc.