Letter: Talking points not getting things accomplished for our country

Oct. 10, 2013 @ 11:48 PM


Republicans must think all Americans are gullible. I think only the hardcore Fox-watching or Limbaugh-listening types would buy their claim that the shutdown is caused by the president’s lack of compromise.

It is caused by the Republican agenda to tie the budget and debt ceiling to their agenda to stop the Affordable Health Care Act. Now I think they changed their demands to something else. Kid stuff — If you do not play by my rules, I will take my ball and go home.  

The Republican Tea Party briefings must be, “It’s President Obama’s fault because he will not negotiate. Go repeat that as many times as you can.”  Every Republicans has said the exact same thing the last days, including Rep. Roe on a local Knoxville TV news.    

There is nothing to negotiate regarding Affordable Health Care and the Budget or Debt Ceiling. The AHC is the Law, passed and approved by the Supreme Court. Passing a Budget and Debt Ceiling is a duty not a way to complete and an agenda. Agendas should be by legislation under a non-threat situation. 

The Senator whispering to McConnell something to the effect, “We need to get respect and get something, I am not sure what?” Amazing. Really thinking about the good of the country. Politics and appease the right wing is it in a nut shell.  

It has been their agenda to kill AHC since it was passed, vote after vote in the Republican controlled House. A total waste of time that should have been spent resolving issues regarding infrastructure, education, spending cuts, revenue growth to reduce the debt. Their other agenda, main agenda, announced when President Obama first took office is to oppose him and that remains evident in their present maneuvering.

Have you noticed the Republican grandstanding since they caused the government shutdown? It is sickening. The worst being an appearance at the Memorial by Bachman and others, including the likes of the representative from Texas laying shame on a park ranger and blaming the closing on President Obama and Democrats, when they were the ones who caused it.

They have been passing funding to pay various federal employees for not working versus sending them back to work. Trying to fund what they like and to get votes in 2014. I can only hope they do not get votes.   

The Republican Congress is influenced by the extremists. They are desperate to keep the campaign money from the likes of the Koch Brothers. They are in fear of punishment from the Tea Party during primary elections. They concentrate on their extreme agenda and cannot govern for the good of the country because of all the above. We do not need extreme government.    

President Obama cannot allow them to use these threats to push their agenda as they have done in the past. It is not the way it should work, it should be a legislative process.

Paul B. Medley II