Letter: Libraries excited to be back open on Wednesdays

Oct. 08, 2013 @ 11:27 PM


I was elated this morning (Oct. 1) upon reading the first page prominence you gave the story "Libraries to open on Wednesdays." At the same time I wanted to share how all the libraries in our system are more than just a place to pick up books. As the slogan on our website proclaims "Sevier County Public Library System...it's about more than books." I know you and others at the Mountain Press know the wide variety of services, meeting rooms, and programs the county library system offers at all three branches, but I'd like to take a moment to remind your readers of our versatility.

Throughout the library system, including at our Seymour and Kodak Branches, we have many patrons and residents of those areas who depend upon our libraries to access the Internet — for jobs, to file unemployment claims, consult with us on cover letter/resume construction, check bank accounts, prepare a research thesis for school, find out more about their family history, watch a TV show or movie, or play games. Others enjoy coming in to socialize, look through the latest issue of a magazine, or read The Mountain Press and several other major daily newspapers we have available for our patrons.

We have others who look to our library system for video entertainment or education. All the libraries in our system are well stocked with movies, documentaries, and offer many programs for all ages. For our youngest patrons all three library locations offer story times, too.

Although we will not undertake to feature adult, youth, or children's programs on Wednesdays at the branches during this trial period, during the other weekdays we offer book, movie, and genealogy groups a place to gather to discuss topics they love. To those who have yet to have an opportunity to use computers because they don't know how we offer Basic Computer courses.

The best part is all of these services and programs are available to every citizen in the county! Yes, we're quite excited to be open again on Wednesdays and we hope it will become permanent.

Thank you, Jeff, for letting our patrons know that we're back in business on Wednesdays.

We appreciate the Mountain Press and its wonderful support of our many library programs. 

John Alexander

Kodak Branch Manager

Sevier County Public Library System