Letter to the editor: Robinson will be missed on Pigeon Forge City Commission

May. 26, 2013 @ 08:05 PM


The purpose for my letter is to thank Randal Robinson for his four years of service to the Pigeon Forge City Commission. What a loss we have suffered. There will be no one now to shine the light on government bad deeds.

That is why they really wanted him gone. Think about it: He was never able to out-vote them, he was only able to expose what was really going on.

I have no knowledge of any misdeeds ever done by him, and I have found him to be totally honest and deeply concerned as a citizen about all that he has discovered while in office. Instead, he has been the most slandered and attacked man that our county has ever seen. We citizens always like to say, “Why are there not more good character candidates running for office?” Well, there’s your answer. We got a good one like Randal and then too many of us stayed at home and didn’t vote.

We had 300 people that voted against liquor by the drink in the last regular liquor referendum that didn’t show up to vote in the last “irregular” referendum even after we had proved that there had been two massively fraudulent liquor referendums in Sevierville and Pigeon Forge, and those 300 still didn’t even show up to vote for Randal, knowing what his position was on this issue.

Well, we will never know how much we will miss Randal because we will never be able to know what is really going on behind closed doors in our government now. But if you talk to Randal, ask him to share with you some of the things that he can now talk about that he uncovered during his four years as City Commissioner and you will be stunned.

All of this reminds me of what a well known Pastor has often said, “If you see evil, and don’t call it evil, that’s evil in itself.”

Jess Davis

Pigeon Forge