Letter: Make your vote a well-informed one

Apr. 10, 2014 @ 11:41 PM


In a couple of weeks, we, the people of this once great nation, are getting a chance to vote for people we think that will turn this decline around. We the people need to be vigilant about this. We need to go to the polls educated. Informed.

We need to know about the people we are electing. Not by the D or R next to their names. We need to know about them. What are their qualifications. Their backgrounds. Not that you know them or they are your next door neighbors. What are their ideas to pull this government back from the abyss?

Are they for taking over your lives with government control or are they for the rights of the people? Are they ready to meet the problems of an over-bloated, out-of-control government or are they going to be part of the problem? Are they in favor of taking the future of your children and turning it into a freer society or controlling every aspect of it?

We have a great challenge in front of us coming this May 6. The future of all of us is in our hands. We can survive or we can die. We need to throw out the ones who are trying to destroy this country with their perverted controlling actions and replace them with freedom-loving people. Replacing them with the like or same is not an option. We can not let them re-write history.

Please vote with the passion and conviction of our fore fathers. Vote informed. It is the greatest weapon against tyranny we have. God bless America!

George Miller