Letter: Wrong to demonize Democrats as cause of all U.S. problems

Feb. 20, 2013 @ 11:45 PM


This is in response to Dick Dierenbach’s letter of Jan. 30. Mr. Dierenbach, I hope this letter puts your mind at ease.

Rep. Serrano has attempted to repeal the 22nd Amendment (two-term limit on the presidency) 16 times starting in 1997. During that time, we have had two Democrat and one Republican Presidents and Congress controlled by both Democrats and Republicans. Fortunately this bill has never come close to passing.

It is obvious this bill is not a Democrat/Obama conspiracy and has nothing to do with any one president — unless you believe Rep. Serrano knew in 1997 that Mr. Obama was going to be our 44th President.

You state, “Democrats couldn’t care less about the Constitution,” want to declare martial law and prohibit dissent as “crime against the people.” In this very newspaper you stated everyone should be made to become a Baptist and forced to go to church every week. It must be okay to take away everyone’s liberties, disregard the Constitution, declare martial law and prohibit dissent, as long as it fits your and other extreme right-wing agendas. You must know freedom of religion is protected by the Constitution.

You demonize Democrats even though tens of thousands of Democrats have died to protect our Constitution. Even though thousands are fighting right now in Afghanistan, many of who are wounded or dying daily, so that you can talk about them and your hate for them.

I think you might be the anti-Christ trying to divide the good people of this country in an effort to enable evil to conquer our country. Of course you are not the anti-Christ, that statement is ridiculous and is not backed by any facts, just like your letter.

I would also like to mention the Political View cartoon in the same edition of The Mountain Press as Mr. Dierenbach’s letter. School children looking at an American flag attached to an assault rifle saying, “one nation under siege.” An assault rifle cannot kill anyone by itself. It takes a person to murder someone.

There are literally tens of thousands of these rifles in America, and all it takes is one deranged individual to commit a terrible act, and it is the rifle’s fault. FBI statistics show that more people are beaten or stabbed to death every year than are killed with assault rifles. The problem is not the rifle; the problem is violence in general. People will always find a way to murder if that is their intent. Outlawing a particular gun will not solve anything.

As a nation, we must address the root cause of the problem. We must stop glorifying violence in our society. Everyone now knows the name of the person who killed the school children and this is exactly what he wanted. Most importantly, we must pay serious attention to the mental health issues of our nation.

Frank Leo