Letter: America is in a holy war, and God will decide winner

May. 01, 2013 @ 11:11 PM


Alcohol, drugs, same-sex marriages, pornography, crookedness, adultery, murders, child abuse, abortions — my God! Does this sound like a Christian nation? Do we expect God to pour out His blessings on us when we condone much of these things that He has warned us about?

Are we surprised and shocked when people terrorize innocent people with mass killings of all sorts? I am not. Is gun control going to stop someone who is hellbent on killing people? All the regulations this government is handing down won’t stop or change a thing. If this president wants to help America, he needs to get down on his knees every day seeking God’s help, stop trying to appease the enemy. It won’t work.

We are in a holy war; admit it or not. And believe me, God is Holy, and you will never win a war against Him. He will be the victor. We need to humble ourselves and pray and change our wicked ways, then God will heal this land. (paraphrased from 11 Chron. 7:14).

Churches, you need to wake up and start preaching the Cross and redemption and stop trying to entertain. You may draw the crowds, but you aren’t pleasing God. You are letting your people die and go to hell. The cross must be preached with vigor, not just worn around your neck as an ornament.

I feel for this country, because we are at war with the devil, and he hates the name of Jesus. Wow, I didn’t mean to preach, but I think we may have lost most of our youth in this generation. I am very concerned and it is no secret that the crimes and inmoral lifestyles being promoted today in movies and TV are directly tied to the devil’s plan to take over our country. Not just ours, but the whole world.

Violence is a big thing in movies. I pray for America daily and I can assure you of one thing, I will not vote for anyone who voted for alcohol by the drink. You ought to be ashamed. You are encouraging our young to follow your footsteps. Many so-called Christians supported this bill.

God help all the drunks out there who are driving. When is this going to stop? We need to stop sending money overseas to countries who are enemies of America. This is wrong, wrong, wrong. They hate us and resent us trying to tell them how to live. We will never win their love, respect or friendship. Do you want someone to tell you how to live your life?

Help your neighbors and the less fortunate when you see a need, but don’t meddle. America is the biggest meddler in the world and we have made more enemies than friends. Let’s start helping our own country. I wonder how many millions are spent trying to rehabilitate those who are addicts, alcoholics. And abortion? My God, when will we realize it is murder, and yet we condone it, even our own president, most politicians.

These babies could have been great members of society. But, they are dancing with the saints in Heaven. Their blood is on our hands for legalizing it. Women’s rights groups could do much more for humanity than supporting unborn babies, some of them born alive. My heart aches for them.

Enough said, I believe there may be hope for America, but it has to come from within the heart. Love is never wrong, but hate destroys a nation.

Jennie Draper