Editorial: Three Cheers

Nov. 30, 2012 @ 11:11 PM

Leo’s EMT award

speaks well of service

Sevier County is fortunate to be served by dedicated, experienced and well-trained emergency medical technicians. The county ambulance service as well as Gatlinburg’s is staffed by men and women who know their job and serve those in need with quality medical care.

Steve Leo is one of those individuals. An employee of Sevier County Ambulance Service, he has been named Emergency Medical Technician of the Year by the Region II EMS Directors Association.The presentation was made at a conference recently held in Gatlinburg.

Among the many attributes attributed to Leo were his work ethic and being the kind of employee that every service director would like his other employees to be. “Steve recently celebrated 30 years in the emergency services field and is a tremendous asset to the residents and visitors of Sevier County,” said Rick Valentine, assistant EMS director for Sevier County. Indeed he is. Congratulations for an honor most deserving.

Choral students earn

much deserved praise

Some talented music lovers in Sevier County and Seymour high schools dominated other schools in the number of students selected to participate in the All-East Choir, an annual East Tennessee Vocal Association event.

The students met for two days of rehearsals with guest conductors and gave a performance at the end of the weekend. Seymour students Stephanie Horton (alto 1), Meghan Mayes (soprano 1), and Ty Nease (bass 2) had the highest scores in their audition. They were selected as first chair in their respective vocal sections, earning each a scholarship. There were only eight scholarships available, and Seymour students took three of them.

All of the choral students have reason to feel pride in what they did. Participation can be possibly a ticket to a college scholarship. Sevier County is blessed not only to have such fine music students, but a school system that values music as part of the extracurricular program.

Davis good choice

to lead food ministry

Congratulations to the board of Sevier County Food Ministries for choosing a worthy successor to Steve Streibig. Jim Davis, who has been the public relations guy for the city of Gatlinburg, will be leaving soon to take over as director of the ministry.

Davis, our former sports editor, has a long association with the ministry, as a volunteer and supporter. He brings to his new job a devotion to the cause and a belief that it’s critically important to this community. With some 1,200 families getting food from the facility each week, Davis understands that a strong food ministry is necessary to help those not in a position to fully help themselves.

It’s not an easy job, nor are the shoes he is filling. Streibig was terrific during his years as director, and Davis will have an important predecessor to strive to match. But he is capable. And he will do just fine.