Letter: Drivers, not road, make Chapman Hwy. dangerous

Oct. 02, 2013 @ 11:54 PM


In Saturday and Sunday’s news a letter to the editor and a news article have been written on how dangerous Chapman Highway is.

Everyone has an opinion but even if the state of Tennessee gave the TDOT a $100 million dollars, it would not make Chapman Highway safe. It could buy a few more turn lanes, but this still doesn’t address the issue alone. The major problem lies within the drivers that drive on Chapman Highway.

Who’s going to address the driver that pulls slowly out into on-coming traffic without looking or gauging the speed of the on-coming vehicles? Who’s going to address the drivers that text while operating a vehicle? Who’s going to address the drivers that are on the phone and pull out without being able to see over their left arm that an on-coming vehicle is going to hit them?  

What about the drivers that do not use turn signals or that only turn them on after they have stopped in the lane (I believe the state law says we must give advanced warning as to our decisions such as braking and signaling well before a turn)? Who’s going to address the drivers that operate vehicles in the rain and fog without headlights?

Who’s going to address the drivers that do not turn their lights on until it is fully dark (while the law states 30 minutes before sunset until 30 minutes after sunrise)? And who’s going to see that the drivers don’t wander across the center line just because they are sloppy drivers?

When these questions are addressed, then Chapman and the other roads in Tennessee can be safer. Until that happens, a million turn lanes and median barricades are just using up good money for little to no results.

Jackie Ward