Stay-at-home ideas

Don’t leave the county to shop this holiday season; keep those dollars right here
Nov. 23, 2012 @ 12:01 AM

When editorials urge people to shop at home during Christmas, often they are written in small towns where it can be difficult to find all you want without going elsewhere.

That’s not the case in Sevier County. Virtually anything you may desire, from clothes to electronics to books to toys to jewelry to DVDs, can be found in Sevier County in abundant supply and reasonable prices.

Shopping at home helps the local economy, and that translates into jobs which leads to more spending. It’s an economic chain that helps everyone.

Many stores receive a third or more of their yearly revenue from Christmas sales. A bad Christmas season can mean job cuts or even closure for some. This is when many businesses make it or break it. And they need you to make the difference.

The tourist season slows down in December. Fortunately it doesn’t end. But this is when local businesses really rely on Sevier County residents to help them be successful.

That includes our theaters and attractions. Many offer great bargains this time of the year, especially if you live in Sevier County. It’s worth checking out.

By shopping locally and doing business with our local stores and theaters and attractions, you ensure local people — your neighbors, friends, fellow churchgoers and others — keep working and fueling this economy. But don’t shop locally just for that.

Sevierville, Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge are known all over for great bargains and interesting and unusual merchandise. The stores that line the Parkway from Sevierville to Gatlinburg offer great fun while finding that offbeat yet effective Christmas gift. From fudge to ceramic bears to some of the terrific crafts made in area shops, you can find just the right gift by staying here and avoiding the big-city malls. And don’t forget the shops off the Parkway as well as those in the Glades community of Gatlinburg.

Please consider shopping for Christmas gifts in your home county. It’s a good investment, it helps local people and it will fulfill the wishes of family and friends. Shop at home this Christmas.