It makes no sense

Trying to find reason and answers in the school shooting may prove fruitless
Dec. 17, 2012 @ 11:11 PM

Trying to make sense of what happened in Newtown, Conn. is frustrating and ultimately fruitless. You can’t make sense of such a senseless tragedy. No matter the circumstances in the life of the shooter, there was nothing to indicate this was coming. Usually there are clues. There appear to be none.

So what do we make of it? There are troubled, disturbed people in this world. Many are prone to violent acts, whether by fists or weapons.

Young people today are exposed in their lives to thousands — many thousands — of images of violence, from television to movies to video games to their everyday lives. Some of that violence, sadly, occurs in their own homes. It is bound to have an effect. But such a horrendous act of violence such as what happened in the school is so extremely rare that you are left to wonder, how can almost everyone adjust to what they see throughout their young lives, but this young man couldn’t?

It seems those who go astray like this have a flaw in their judgment mechanism, and maybe it’s not so easy to spot in the days and months leading up to such tragedy. You can blame his parents, blame his school, blame his peers who didn’t pay him enough attention, but the children and teachers who died in that school didn’t do Adam Lanza any harm.

So we are left to  wonder why, as we mourn the loss of innocent lives and grieve with their families and friends. We feel a little less safe, even in the relative comfort of Sevier County. Sandy Hook Elementary, like the schools in this community, had safety measures in place and enacted. The shooter shot out a window and got in. No safety plan is foolproof. All you can do is deter.

As news continues to come out in the days ahead and we learn a little more about the shooter and his family, maybe, just maybe, we can find some reason behind this. But how can you find reason in an unreasonable action? You can’t.

You just have to be reassured by how rare such incidents are and start thinking about ways to at least reduce their likelihood. Everything is on the table, or should be, as we move on to making our society safer and less threatening.