Editorial: Parent's bullying allegation over lopsided score is ridiculous

Oct. 23, 2013 @ 11:47 PM

Bullying is a problem. A serious problem. 

It's one that's gone on for centuries, and probably, unfortunately, always will.

But it's also become a buzzword that's often used to elicit sympathy or, at its worst, to cast dispersions at others.

Once such case garnered attention this week in northern Texas, as a parent filed a complaint against the undefeated Aledo Bearcats football team.

What did the gridiron stars do? Pick on a weak classmate, torment a mathlete or dish out a few too many wedgies in the locker room?


Their offense was playing too hard.

A parent from rival Western Hills High School filed the complaint with the Aledo Independent School District after Aledo dismantled Western by a 91-0 score Friday night.

While, on the surface, it may sound as though Aledo was piling on, that simply wasn't the case.

Aledo coach Tim Buchanan, sensing the rout, started subbing out his players as early as the first quarter. After all, they're a nationally-ranked high school squad that wouldn't want to get players injured in a blowout.

Even Western's coach, John Naylor, said it wasn't bullying — it was just football.

Maybe Aledo is too good. They have outscored opponents 485-47 in seven games. 

And maybe Western's just that bad.

Second and third-string players, just like their starting counterparts, want to score and do their best when they're in the game. If the other team still can't stop them, so be it. While a coach may go to a more conservative game plan to avoid running up the score, no self-respecting coach will tell his or her players to go easy, no matter how weak the opponent. That's just not how competitive sports should be played.

No matter what, the parent's childish decision in this case — filing a bullying report for a lopsided ballgame — does a disservice for students everywhere.

It's akin to Aesop's fable about the little boy who cried wolf. 

Real bullying is a serious issue, and claims like this — and other attention-seeking filings — should be condemned.