Letter: Government not formed to provide all things

Oct. 20, 2013 @ 11:06 PM


Wow, the normal rhetoric, scare tactics, and blame game sure escalates when a conservative view is put forward. All sides of the fence contributed to our vast federal overspending and debt. The current administration is just compounding the problem and the politicians are mainly concerned with re-election versus doing the right things for the people and country. 

Some Republicans (the House of Representatives) finally stood up to try and get some responsibility back into federal spending, and I commend those folks who represent me, our family and friends for we want to see a strong sustainable country and not take the path of the Europe.

The government was not formed to provide all things. It’s amazing how the politicians grow their cause in the name of helping you. If our government does not make the moves to rein in run-away spending and make responsible choices on where federal revenues are spent, the USA will continue the current downhill slide until it falters. At the pace we’re on today, my children may see that happen but surely the grandchildren will. 

Folks if you are sick of the mess we’re in, don’t give up. We need to tell our senators and congressman what we expect. Over and over until they hear and make the moves to support us to change Washington. If those we’ve elected are not representing us as expected, then we must not re-elect them. We must flush out good folks that are willing to stand up and face all the wrath up on the Hill and Capitol, and make the hard choices needed to return to fiscal responsibility. Like it or not, the budget choices must include all our entitlement costs (Social Security, Medicare, now Obamacare and all the other functions of federal government). 

Recently I traveled many days through parts of Canada, and they have like issues and choose a social path with very high taxation and the government owning a lot of what used to be private property/business. Folks there are not happy with little choices for medical care given, high taxes imposed on them, and several areas property taken over by the government and their businesses there “leased back to them” (Picture a town like Gatlinburg taken over by the government and leased back to operate and pay both lease costs and taxes upwards of 60 percent). We need limited government and one that follows the Constitution as it defines responsibilities with checks and balances to maintain a strong free country. Many veterans have physically went to war defending our country, let’s not lose what we have by sitting idle and allowing it to slowly deteriorate away.  

Guide your senators and representative direction to represent you. If they fail to act for you and the good of our country, help replace them. Representatives Roe and Duncan, thank you for standing for responsibility. Senators Corker and Alexander, you continue to be part of the problem and supporting a continuing dump on the following generations.

Larry Landry

Pigeon Forge