Letter: Why is one death greater than others?

Aug. 26, 2014 @ 02:26 PM


I just do not understand the uproar over a policeman shooting a huge teenager in Missouri.  I learned a long time ago that you do not argue or fight with the police.  I have had a few speeding tickets, and found that if I said “Yes I was going pretty fast, but such a pretty day and a nice highway, it just slipped up on me.” I would not incur the wrath of the policeman. I may have talked myself out of a ticket or two by being polite.  One Kentucky highway patrolman said “fellow, if you are in the Air Force you can’t afford a speeding ticket!  Slow down and go on!”

Granted no one wants to have their son shot in any circumstance, but why the uproar over one?  In the last few days Fox News reported 5 shooting deaths and 40 other shootings in Chicago? (the President’s hometown!)  Al Sharpton has not been there, nor Eric Holder.  Seems to me that these people deserve the same attention as the teenager in Missouri.  Why no marches? Why no protests?

I read that there were about 500 shooting deaths in Chicago in 2013.  I can’t remember any marches or protests there.  Seems to me this is the place where some work needs to be done to reduce the shootings.


George L. Fowler