Letter: Locals were friendly, caring in visitors’ times of need

Aug. 28, 2013 @ 11:17 PM


My family of 10 were vacationing in Gatlinburg, Pigeon Forge and Sevierville from August 10-17. On Tuesday the 13th, a portion of my family decided to visit the popular tourist business district of Gatlinburg and began the day having a great time. As we strolled along the sidewalks, my wife had the misfortune of falling on the brick sidewalk.

Of course we immediately began to get her in a sitting position as her nose was bleeding profusely. I looked forward and there were two police cars pulling in at the scene. A huge crowd of tourists, I suppose, began to gather, all handing my wife napkins, “Wet Ones,”paper towels, cool water and giving suggestions. Then the firetruck pulled up, and looking back of me I saw an (emergency) vehicle standing by. I was overwhelmed at the goodness of so many people. I wish I could know how to thank each one, tourist and all of the emergency crews that so quickly responded. I have nothing but praise for Gatlinburg citizens and each of their Emergency Departments. We did however take my wife to a medical facility where she was told she had a broken bone in her foot.

All of the personnel in that facility were just great — so friendly and caring. We can’t forget either of the emergency teams. Great job and God Bless!

Then on Wednesday afternoon the small dog and I decided to take a walk in Eagles Ridge. I got lost. Walked until I had to do something about getting back to our cabin. Finally found local people mowing grass so I walked into their backyard and the nice lady, after hearing my plight, offered me a drink of water that I declined, but she asked if she could get the little doggie some water, which I accepted. She then took us in her car and contacted someone by phone who directed her turn by turn to the front porch of our cabin in Eagles Ride. She was so gracious to us and would not accept any compensation at all, saying, “We don’t do things like that around here.”

As soon as my wife is on the go ... We’ll be ready to go back to your area.

Carroll and Sandra Williams

Rocky Mount, North Carolina