Letter: Cry of racism unfounded

Nov. 27, 2013 @ 11:24 PM


B.J.’s letter (Mountain Press, Nov. 22) speaks to a short memory, and a cry of racism on his part! Maybe he loves everything our current president is doing, but disagreement over his policies does not fit a need for name-calling unless that is all you have to fall back on!

It goes to show how shallow one can be, if he thinks about the “shutdown” he might remember that it takes two to tangle. The president could have gone to the Asian-Pacific Economic Co-op, and the Southeast Asian Nations Summit, but he elected to stay home.

He thought it would look bad if he was out of the country and not here in the U.S.A. Personally I’m glad he stayed home — at least that way his absence meant he could do less harm to our nation! And if the president had a little “compromise” in him, there would not have been a shutdown that cost us $24 billion. But he would rather hurt our country no matter what over his signature Obamacare, with it’s failed website, than give anything on his end.

Plus he bet the Republicans would get the blame no matter what, and with poor judgement on their part, and the media’s help they did. But I have to say the writer did sound a lot like Oprah, crying racism, regarding the “skewed christianity” that seems to be in the writer’s own mind! 

R.C. Davis