Letter: Anti-liquor faction practices misinformation in campaign

Mar. 09, 2013 @ 12:21 AM


Finally there is some good news from the Chicken Little camp. If big chicken does not get his way, he is leaving his roost. Did we not hear that from Hollywood celebrities in the last two Presidential elections? Is that not like the playground bully who stops a basketball game because his team is not winning and it’s his basketball?

There has been a lot said on both sides of the fence. Some with real facts and others stretched like Gumby. One supposed fact is 30 percent of youth deaths are alcohol-related. I guarantee you it’s not from liquor by the drink.

I live in Pigeon Forge and took my wife and my visiting sister to a restaurant in Gatlinburg, as we like to have a cocktail before dinner. Each drink was $8.50 and that was without an umbrella! Unless they’re selling drugs, not too many kids can afford to get drunk at a restaurant. They would much rather buy a case of beer or raid their parents' liquor closet.

Someone asked where we are going to get the money for all the police and related personnel needed to take care of all these drunk drivers. Neither Sevierville nor Gatlinburg had to make any changes. Pigeon Forge has been operating with 11 restaurants serving liquor without incident.

With more tourists staying in Pigeon Forge, everyone benefits. The server gets a bigger tip. The restaurant is more profitable. As the family stays in Pigeon Forge more people tend to spend the majority of time here for the hotels, racetracks, theaters and attractions. That means increased revenue for all so they have to pay more taxes to the state, county and city and that benefits all residents.

Pigeon Forge will no longer be considered a family or Christian location, some say. Gatlinburg has more Christian-based conventions and events than Sevierville and Pigeon Forge combined, and not only do they have liquor by the drink but liquor stores as well.

It’s the law: The schools do get the funding. Again, we go back to Gatlinburg. If they didn’t have better schools due to the liquor tax, why did one of the high-ranking chiefs in the opposition send their child to Gatlinburg-Pittman? Was it the scenic drive from Sevierville to Gatlinburg and back five days a week?

Howard Hughes lives. The only difference is, Howard took up an entire floor of his hotel to bend the rules.

Scare tactics are being used to misinform those people who listen but don’t hear. We already have liquor by the drink. The sky has not fallen. Going into a restaurant is a choice; having a drink is a choice. You have a choice to go forward.

If that’s not your thing, throw away your remote control. Get rid of your microwave, it causes cancer. Throw away your cell phone.

Forge Ahead. Vote for liquor by the drink.

Bob Hamill

Pigeon Forge