Letter: Group suing our national park ignores fees charged elsewhere

Mar. 07, 2013 @ 11:49 PM


Tuesday morning I picked up my umbrella, walked across the street in the rain to get my morning paper. After returning to the house I prepared a cup of coffee and sat down to read it. And the first article I started reading is just another example of what America has evolved to become.

It’s about a bunch of people that want what they want but do not feel they need to contribute work or pay for it. I am expressly citing the headline article concerping the lawsuit filed by Southern Forest Watch. I have traveled across 49 of the 50 states, camped in national parks, forest Parks, city parks, private parks and Corps of Engineers parks. Only occasionally in off seasons have I not paid a fee to spend the night.

The National Parks have been charging camping fees for many many years. This contributes to keeping the facilities up for the citizens that use them. Now the Southern Forest Watch, which if they only watched wouldn’t have to contribute, is griping because they don’t feel they should have to pay to use trails, bridges, shelters, etc., in the National Park System. All of these have to be maintained.

So if they don’t pay, why should any camper have to pay to stay in the Park? And they don’t mind calling the Park officials when they get injured and have to be carried out.

So for the benefit of the Southern Forest Watch, let’s have the NPS stop tending to the trails, tear down all of the shelters, remove all of the bridges, etc., and let them sleep on the ground, wade the creeks, and trod over the ground the best they can. Also, let them worry about the bears and other animals at night when they sleep on the ground as there won’t be a shelter to protect them.

Wake up America. Nothing is for free. Our President keeps saying for everyone to pay their share; this is just an example of what he refers to, which is “Let someone else pay for those that don’t want to pay.”

Jackie H. Ward