Buy locally

If you must get out and spend on Christmas Eve, please do so in Sevier County
Dec. 23, 2012 @ 11:55 PM

If you haven’t finished your Christmas shopping — and many haven’t — then you’ve got today left to make up your mind and find that right gift. As you ponder battling crowds on Christmas Eve, consider, please, doing your shopping right here in Sevier County.

Yes, you can drive to Knoxville or Asheville or even beyond in search of those final presents, but when you shop and buy locally, you support the community in which you live, work and pray.

If you need any more convincing to do your shopping in Sevier County, consider these points:

Money spent here stays here: If residents of Sevier County would transition just 10 percent of their out-of-county retail spending to in-county spending, local businesses would gain millions in sales.

Jobs and wages: Supporting local businesses provides support to the jobs they offer. An increase of 10 percent in local spending could add hundreds of new jobs.

Stronger tax base: Local spending generates an increase in tax revenues, which translates into improved services and infrastructure.

Local business owners invest in Sevier County: Businesses are owned or managed by people who live and work in our communities, raising their families and investing in our future. They support our churches, schools, organizations and quality of life.

Better variety: Local businesses provide a wide variety of products and services, from our crafts and artwork to items of local character and distinction. The more people shop here, the more products and services will be available.

Convenience equals savings: Shopping locally saves time and money. A shopping trip outside of Sevier County costs you for every mile you drive, each way, and time away from your home. Pocket the savings.

Green-friendly: Shopping locally reduces gas consumption and pollution.

Keeping local dollars in the economy: An increase in spending in Sevier County would create jobs and mean millions in new personal income.

Local character: Communities that preserve their local businesses and distinctive character have an advantage in offering special and unique experiences.

Friends and neighbors: Local businesses are staffed by your friends and neighbors. You get better service from people you know and who know you.

Nonprofits receive greater support: Sevier County nonprofits depend on local businesses to ensure that they are able to continue their services.

Enjoy this last day before Christmas. And if you need to buy, buy locally.