Letter: Nursing home here mistreated her mother during rehab stint

Jul. 09, 2013 @ 11:38 PM


After reading your July 5 article about Fort Sanders Nursing Home being cited for serious violations, I could no long hold my tongue.

I read glowing reviews of two local nursing homes, but will only speak to the one we had an experience with, Fort Sanders. My mother was taken there for rehab when she broke her hip in her late 80s. She is now 93, alert and still mobile given her age and living at home.

The first thing the nursing staff did was insult me about her toenails; mind you, her nails were and still are done by a professional. I cannot take a chance of her getting blood poison if I did them.

They gave her all her meds at one time, instead of the way they were ordered by the doctor.

She languished in the bed and when she needed to use the bathroom or bedpan, no one came in time, in fact we emptied them ourselves, because of the smell and it was humiliating to her.

She was pleased with the therapy and ready to go home after it. We talked her into staying until her review with the staff and nursing home doctor/director at the time, which was another week. She unloaded on them at that review. Mind you, my mother had reviewed nursing homes for the State of Florida for years and knew what she was talking about.

But the worst thing of all was, she left the facility with a huge bedsore and it took over a year to heal.

All I can say to you is, things aren’t always as they appear. Speak to your loved ones’ doctors, family and friends when looking for a nursing home. Do your homework and never leave a loved one without regularly visiting them and checking on them. If a nursing home won’t let you check them out, without a scheduled appointment, move on.

I was lucky enough to find one, when and if the time comes for my mom.

Sylvia Burns