Letter: Care received at facility below standards expected

Jul. 02, 2013 @ 11:31 PM


In the June 27 paper, there was a letter about the care the writer’s family member had received at Pigeon Forge Care & Rehabilitation that my husband and I had to read twice to make sure we were reading it right.

May 3-6, I was also staying at the Pigeon Forge facility. Maybe because I arrived on a Friday I was not able to experience the level of care that the letter writer received. Yes, the place was spotlessly clean and the nurses and aides were mostly wonderful and professional. I had knee replacement and was there for rehabilitation.

I was evaluated quickly and received therapy on Saturday. David was wonderful and I had a good session. On Sunday the therapist refused to work with me and I stayed in my room the entire day. On Monday I was walked up and down the halls. This was not the level of therapy that I expected. I came in with a polar cube, but no one knew how to use it; I did not get any icing at all.

I have a wheat allergy and eat wheat- and gluten-free. My first meal was two slices of gluten-free bread and nothing else. One meal was my two slices of bread with a spread, sliced boiled carrots and mashed potatoes and nothing else. When I asked where the protein was I was brought a bowl of bean soup.

I asked to talk to a dietitian but was told that there was one once a month to set the menu. I asked to talk to the person in charge of the kitchen and was told that he was busy. In the end my husband had to bring in my home-cooked meals.

At the hospital I was told to always take my meds on a full stomach. On Monday I was given my pills at 6:30 a.m. Without thinking I took what was given to me. Very soon I was short of breath. An aide got me some food and I immediately felt better.

Thinking that the nurse should know what happened, I asked to talk to her. The answer that was given to me was that she had 30 people to take care of in a short period of time and was unable to worry about one patient. Later I was wrongly told that there was no such restriction on my medications. I left that day, going to Pro Therapy as an outpatient. There I was given excellent therapy.

I do have to mention one aide that gave me the most wonderful shower and hairstyle that did wonders for my morale.

Maureen Maier