Editorial: The best in the state

Congratulations to all who helped make County Fair tops in Tennessee
Feb. 08, 2013 @ 12:09 AM

If you’ve never been to the Sevier County Fair, you have missed a special treat. It will remind newcomers of a time growing up in their own community, and everyone will see just what kind of people we have in this county — folks who make crafts, grow crops, raise livestock and enjoy the collective experience of walking the midway and enjoying a hot dog or game of skill.

The Sevier County Fair has taken its lumps in recent years. It was in decline. But just when things appeared bleakest, along came Sherri Crawford and an army of volunteers to bring it back to earlier glory. They upgraded the buildings, fixed the utilities, improved the entrance and got the local kids involved.

The result: A 2012 fair last September that, it turns out, was the best in the state. The fair won the Division AAA award for best county fair, and now competes for the Champion of Champions trophy awarded to one of the winners in each of the three classes.

This is a remarkable and noteworthy achievement. It shows that Crawford and other volunteers shared a sense of purpose. They wanted this to be a memorable and exciting fair. They wanted to see facilities improved and community involvement enhanced. They sought to evoke memories of past fairs. They created a fair nobody dared miss.

They succeeded on all counts. Despite two rain days, the fair crew more visitors last year. Those who attended could marvel at the upgrades and see the result of hard work.

The state award was especially gratifying since it was determined from evaluations done by visitors from other county fairs in the same division. Some graders announced their presence, some didn’t, but all graded the quality of the fair last year. They found ours to be the best.

Many thanks to all who contributed to the success and the award. We are proud of our county fair. Excuse us — our award-winning county fair.