Letter: Protecting children from evils of liquor far more important

Feb. 07, 2013 @ 11:41 PM


Protect Our Children: It’s called “Forging Ahead.” My concern is what we are forging ahead to?

What will liquor by the drink in Pigeon Forge do for our community? Will we have an increase in crime due to driving under the influence? Will we have an increase in underage drinking? Are we teaching our children that drinking alcoholic beverages is socially acceptable?

The Bible reminds us that wine is a mocker; strong drink is raging (Proverbs 20:1). Do we care more about this world’s values than what undoubtedly be a curse on our generations to come? What kind of legacy are we leaving our children?

Please, let’s wake up, Pigeon Forge! What’s more important: money that will destroy lives and families or keeping our city safe and protecting our children from the evils of liquor? Poor choices have undesirable consequences.

May God open our eyes to His ways understanding we are responsible for being lights in a dark world. Think about these things. Vote against liquor by the drink in Pigeon Forge.

Bonnie Denney

Pigeon Forge