Letter: GOP responsible for shutdown

Oct. 03, 2013 @ 11:30 PM


Republican House members are responsible for the shutdown and lack of progress. All of them, not just the Tea Party.

I might add that the Senate Republicans would be as guilty if they had control. They are driven by fear of the Tea Party and the general desire to eliminate government in favor of turning the country over to the rich and powerful.

The Tea Party’s new leader, Cruz, is an  example of the upper crust wealthy from which they come. He is a politician of the worst kind. Yet, they listen to the likes of him from Texas (one of the worst states for civil rights, education and health care coverage).

They call for compromise — their compromise of delaying Affordable Health Care (AFHC) is nothing but a delay to allow complete repel if they gain total control. 

Holding the nation hostage (shutdown now and before on other budget and debt issues) to gain their desires is not the way it should work, the constitution is not set up that way.  They preach Constitutional government, changes come by vote, not by holding the nation hostage. Get elected and legislate if you are unhappy.

The AFHC is the Law, took many months to pass, survived a Supreme Court challenge and a presidential election. It will provide coverage for more people, eliminate insurance companies’ right to refuse coverage for pre-existing conditions.  My granddaughter has been a beneficiary — and working on a Master Degree developed an illness. Fortunately, due to AFHC, she was on her parent’s policy. They want to repel that?

What is it all about? Republican politics is it in a nut shell: They are against anything President Obama; They are afraid AFHC will be a success and popular as it is in Massachusetts; they cater to the right wing conservative base (Tea Party is the extreme);  They have an agenda to eliminate government.

Republican party of Regress (the R is Tea Party controlled). Tea Partyrule would bring rule by extremists and a complete regress on all that has been accomplished. Rule by extremists makes me think of some other nations (can you name any?).

It is not what the USA stands for.  Sad to think what will come of the USA if the Republicans (especially, Tea Party Republicans) get control of congress and the presidency. I can only hope that 2014 will bring a  Republican reduction in the house and senate.  Perhaps, we can then have progress vs regress. It will be hard to send them home, they are gerrymandered and passing voter restrictions (IDs and voting times) as fast as possible since Supreme Court ruling on that issue.

Where is voter restriction taking place and who is affected? Answer: All Republican controlled states, a lot of that is in the good old South and it is directed at minorities and the poor. 

Surely, some folks are paying attention to what they have been doing the last four plus years.

Paul B. Medley