Letter: Same old, same old, reader says

Oct. 03, 2013 @ 11:25 PM


Here we go again! People have forgotten our history again. Let’s look back to President Roosevelt when (he) signed the Social Security Act. History teaches us the Republicans tried everything they could to stop this madness. But as it turned out, it passed the House and Senate. But they still insisted Social Security was a government hand out.

Now we have what the Republicans call Obamacare. Did I miss something very important? Didn’t the House and Senate pass it through?

Our daughter works at a low-paying job. She hurt herself where she couldn’t work. She had to go to the emergency room at our local hospital. The government has a law they can’t turn you down if you don’t have insurance. She was told she had to go to the doctor’s office who treated her. That fee was $200 up front for a follow up.

This is common around the United States. You have to have cash or insurance to see a doctor or you can’t get in. That’s our medical system now. We now are told by the Republicans that if we all don’t abolish Obamacare, we are now facing government shutdown. But we should be discourages. All of our law makers in Washington will continue to get their paychecks. Please remember these lawmakers have billions of dollars to help other countries. Be we aren’t good enough to care for our own.

I feel these people are using extortion to get their own way.

And by the way, I’m an independent voter.

Thomas Bordeaux