Letter: New Center Math Madness proves major success again

Apr. 11, 2013 @ 11:58 PM

New Center Math Madness

proves major success again


If one were to describe the students at New Center School they would use the words focus, determined, and goal oriented. When presented with a challenge, New Center students strive to succeed.

The second annual Math Madness — “Securing the Safety of Our Children” — fundraising event was a great success. We received $9,000 in donations that will be used to upgrade security in our school. Upon completion of the math finals, a Math Madness Champion was crowned for each grade level.

Students also had the opportunity to earn prizes based upon the monies they received from sponsors with the top fundraiser earning a spot to be principal for a day. The faculty, staff, and administration would like extend many congratulations and our appreciation to all New Center students that participated in the event.

The administration, faculty, staff, and students at New Center School would also like to extend our gratitude to those in our community that sponsored our event and joined our efforts in securing the safety of our children, including Fuddrucker’s for hosting a benefit night at their restaurant to support our school and Dixie Stampede for hosting our top 10 fundraisers for a special night out.

Jennifer Fox

Kelli Bohanan

Event Co-Chairs