Letter: Officers showed professionalism in May 19 standoff with suspect

May. 23, 2013 @ 11:36 PM


The recent standoff between the Sevierville police and a felon from Florida occurred immediately outside my home on Sunday, May 19.  Having our windows open to enjoy the weather, my family knew immediately that something very serious was taking place, and I could hear the majority of what was exchanged between the police officers on scene as they attempted to communicate with the individual for nearly two hours.  

I was amazed at the professionalism and poise with which the officers conducted themselves under what I expect must be the most difficult of circumstances they face in a career.

I have no idea what brought that troubled man to the stop sign on the corner of my street, by my driveway, at my house, on that time, on that day but I am certainly thankful that the Sevierville Police Department, Sevier County Sheriff's Department and all other responders to this incident were there and truly selflessly serving and protecting the citizens of Sevier County.

In a society where it is becoming trendy to bash the police, I want to clearly express my gratitude for the sacrifice these officers make on a daily basis. Having been so close to this event, I have a more clear understanding of what that sacrifice must be like for them and their families.

Michael L. Collins