Letter: Roe’s column would be funny if not so sad

Sep. 05, 2013 @ 11:16 PM


A recent Mountain Press public forum submitted by Rep. Phil Roe would make me laugh if it where not so seriously sad. His statement is word for word from recent email propaganda. I think his article should have been placed in a political column named Statement from Republicans.

His article content is his usual criticism of President Obama and parallels the rest of the Republican right wingers: FOX, Limbaugh, O’Reilly, Hannity, Bohener, Paul, Cruz, Ryan, McConnell, Tea Party. Ever hear any of them discuss problems created during the Bush administration? Lies to start a war, Running up the debt by cutting taxes for the wealthy and not funding the wars or prescription drug plan, lack of regulation on financial institutions that caused the economy to tank, job-loss rate at the end of Bush administration?

By the way, the Tea Party now wants to get rid of Sen. Alexander. Not that I think that would be a great loss, except for whom the Tea Party might elect. Someone like the folks listed above? At least Alexander occasionally make a reasonable non-Tea Party decision.

I know of nothing constructive that Rep. Roe has done. Mainly, he criticizes the administration and supports the Republican agenda of obstruction, propaganda, cut taxes for the rich, cut spending for the poor, education, infrastructure, supports states rights which usually means things like violation of voting rights as you see now in Republican states. Maybe, he is working for a position at FOX Network?

I get his emails and read regularly because it helps me understand where the Republicans stand. Primarily, their agenda is to obstruct anything President Obama proposes and conserve (conservatives you know) for the rich and powerful.

The GOP, Grand Old Party, is not the party of old that was in favor of Emancipation Proclamation when Democrats were against it. Check where their strong base is now since the Civil Rights movements. They will do anything to get power: Hook up with the likes of the Koch Brothers, prevent folks from voting, gerrymander to win elections, stretch the truth or not present the whole truth.

Hypocritical? Freedom from government is a big laugh, they interfere with health decisions, abortion, private relationships and promote one religion. I feel they want the government to be religion-based and would force those views through law. Then they vote down improved background checks for gun purchasers on grounds of the 2nd amendment and do not support equal pay for women. Amazing!

Hypocritical? Their war cry is “cut federal spending” while the red states (Republicans) receive more money from Federal sources in relation to what they pay to the federal government than other states. They search for grants, pork, and earmarks while saying “cut federal spending.” At the same time, the red states want to reduce health care, education, infrastructure, and things that might help the nation.

Paul B. Medley