Editorial: Start of Major League season reminds us what a great game baseball is

Apr. 02, 2013 @ 11:08 PM

The Major League baseball season began this week, and every team, regardless of ability or analysis, is still in the pennant race. That means your favorite team has a chance at glory.

It may not be America's favorite sport any more, or its preferred pastime, but it is still a terrific game, and even if you are not a fan who follows a certain team, you do know the game and appreciate its intricacies. Baseball is a wonderful American game, a game many children take to and do well in while avoiding the sometimes more strenuous and difficult sports of football, basketball and soccer.

Five-year-olds belong in a baseball unfiorm hitting off a tee, not in pads and helmets trying to tackle other 5-year-olds. Children can enjoy baseball without excelling in it. Organized baseball requires participation and sportsmanship, and kids need that. They need structure and rules and adult supervision. They need to have fun.

Watching professional ballplayers makes one appreciate how skillful one has to be to exceed in this very hard game. Hitting a baseball is the hardest thing to do in sports. Baseball is a game in which a batter can fail seven times out of 10 and still be a multmillionaire. It may seem to be little more than hitting, running and fielding, but the mechanics of baseball are challenging, the strategies detailed and the possibilities on a given play seemingly endless.

In addition to the opening of the Major League season, our Tennessee Smokies begin a new season this month. The home opener is April 10. The Smokies begin play in Pensacola on Thursday. Plan to turn out next Wednesday for the first home game. Many of the players you see at Smokies games go on to star in the big leagues. Supporting our professional team is a good thing.

Baseball is all around us, from the high schools to Smokies Park to the college campus to the Major League ballpark. Take in a game. Follow your team. Enjoy the season.