Letter: Mayor, Board of Aldermen should support I-40 project

Apr. 01, 2013 @ 11:57 PM


Dumplin Creek Development stalled for a lot of reasons. The economy went flat. The City declined to spend $8.5 million on the new road and access improvements the development needs.

Times have changed. The economy is picking up. The people who are spending millions of dollars to purchase the development are only asking for $4 million in local funding, with another $4 million coming from the state. Neyland Land Associates will also contribute approximately 17.5 acres in land for the roadway.

Exit 407 is the single busiest Interstate exit in the state of Tennessee. It is No. 1. Lots of the traffic is from outside the area, tourists who have come to enjoy our beloved mountains and have some family fun.

Our Mayor and Board of Aldermen have a chance to get it back on track. They are being asked to help finance road improvements and construction that the new developers buying the property say will change the area from an abandoned site to a retail mecca.

Citizens National Bank, which I work for, is not involved in the current financing on this project nor had I ever met the Fieldens before the City Council workshop. My interest in this project is as a registered voter and taxpayer of the City of Sevierville. I believe the real question is whether the Mayor and Board of Aldermen can afford not to vote yes.

David C. Verble