Editorial: Three Cheers

Mar. 22, 2013 @ 11:19 PM

Sevierville police start

another needed program

The Sevierville Police Department continues to work well with local businesses in an effort to stop or at least solve break-ins and other retail crimes. The department organized its Mall Watch program in 2009 to assist retail businesses. Retailers share timely information on crimes and suspects with officers, who then send the information to other retailers.

Now the department is launching the Area Law Enforcement and Retailer Team (ALERT) program to build upon the success of Mall Watch. ALERT creates a team of law enforcement officers, business loss prevention personnel and managers to deal with retail crime. ALERT will focus on the distribution and use of security video and photos, as well as information and photos of known shoplifters.

Officer Rebecca Cowan, who organized Mall Watch, is also leading the ALERT program. This is another important and effective step in the city’s war on crime. To register or request information, contact Cowan at 868-1866 or email to rcowan@seviervilletn.org.

Kid artists honored in

annual student art show

There are a lot of talented artists in this community, and not all of them are trying to make money on their work. At least now. The 20th annual Sevier County Student Art Show was held this month, and the works were on exhibit at Arrowmont. Cash prizes totaling over $2,000 were awarded to 52 students.

Kelly Moore won Best of Show and $200 for her oil painting “Aviator’s Dream.” The judge, Bill Capshaw, a pottery instructor in Oak Ridge, said this about what the artwork:

“Standing in a room filled with art is a very inspiring place to soak in life. Viewing creative thinking and taking in all the various messages portrayed in the works of the students, stimulated my thoughts of going home to make art,” he said. “The talent, technical abilities, creativeness, handling of media, execution of each work was a joy to see.”

This is, indeed, a county of very gifted people.

Sparkle Days gives ’Burg

residents chance to shine

Each year the city of Gatlinburg goes all out to make the Gateway to the Smokies even more attractive to the millions who visit. It’s called Sparkle Days. The 32-year-old program spurs residents to clean up their property and homes in time for spring.

During Sparkle Days, the Sanitation Department will pick up, free of charge, items not normally included in garbage collection. Scrap metal, old appliances, brush and even junked vehicles will be accepted for disposal. City residents can place items next to a city street, then call the Street Department for pickup.

The Gatlinburg Recreation Department encourages residents to form large litter pick-up groups to clean up along the roadsides and green spaces. It’s all intended to spruce up the town, rid it of the trash and unsightly debris that can clutter and detract from an otherwise beautiful city. If you live in Gatlinburg, be part of Sparkle Days. And thank the city for sponsoring it.