Letter to the editor: Voters should create own term limits for members of Congress

Mar. 16, 2013 @ 10:40 PM

During the 2012 Presidential campaign all we heard from politicians and the media was that Americans’ Number 1 priority was jobs and the economy.

The election was held in November and the majority of Americans voted to work on our No. 1 priority. After the election the politicians have made our No. 1 priority spending cuts. There lies the reason for the lack of cooperation between the two houses of Congress.

A possible solution would be term limits for members of Congress. We know that will never happen in our time.

Suggestion: Voters use their own term limit for Congress. House members: 8 years. Senate members: 12 years. The next election in 2014, any member of either house who has served their allotted time is replaced.

The ballot box is the answer to the dilemma. Your party affiliation will not be affected. In your party’s primary, vote for any candidate who is running against the incumbent with term limit maximum. Make sure that the incumbent is not running unopposed.

Our representatives will work during their last term (just as the President is doing) on the problems of the American people. Now, they are so concerned about their future in the next election.

If you have had enough of this nonsense. There are two options: Do nothing, or spread the word — get involved.

Vinny Hynes

Pigeon Forge