Letter: Many came to her assistance during time of medical issue

Aug. 13, 2013 @ 11:34 PM


When we decided to move to Sevierville from Illinois, my husband and I prayed it was the right decision. On several occasions since then we have seen it was the right decision.

On July 21 while attending Mass at Holy Cross Catholic Church, I passed out. The ushers, Joe Ransom and Bruce Bodin, along with Conrad Nagy and many others, called the paramedics.

They came to my attention as Dianne Ryan assisted my husband Bob and took him to the LeConte Medical Center to be at my side. The Sevier County paramedics Joe and Jason quickly and caringly handled my medical situation.

I always feel as though angels are watching over me, and at that time, after the doctor and nurses evaluated my condition, I was released.

I just want to thank all those that acted so quickly.

Barbara Tucibat