Letter: Nobody likes a liar

Nov. 30, 2013 @ 11:39 PM


As a child, do you remember doing wrong and being confronted by your parents? Certainly, we all do. While our misbehavior was never acceptable, lying about what we did just to save face or escape punishment, at least in my parent’s estimation, was always considered far worse than the original transgression.

Nobody likes a liar and this was never, ever acceptable or tolerated in our home. No doubt, many of you can relate.

As Christians, one of our primary character traits should be honesty. Anything less is contrary to His nature. While it is only human to occasionally fail in this area of our daily lives, a pattern of consistent untruths coming out of one’s mouth is surely a warning sign of a troubling and unholy flaw within.

Knowing this, it seems to me that a President or administration which repeatedly misleads his or her nation with obvious misinformation and un-truths, may very possibly fall into that category. I can only wonder what our Heavenly Father thinks of such blatant and dishonest misbehavior. If He is anything like our parents at least, we can be assured it’s not good.

Whether you consider yourself a Democrat, Republican, independent, or even non-political, surely it is totally unacceptable for our elected or appointed leaders to lie and deceive the very ones who trustingly put them in office. Remember, nobody likes a liar and this unholy practice should never, ever be acceptable or tolerated in our home we call America.

Sadly, in the real world, some may temporarily get away with their dishonest, reprehensible ways and seem to greatly prosper and or succeed while doing so. However, don’t ever forget that the Lord is watching and He will someday soon have the last word… and that you can count on. Period!

Bruce Vyverberg