Letter: Government interfered with VW union vote

Feb. 26, 2014 @ 11:32 PM


Volkswagen labor official (Mr. Osterloh  of VW’s work council) threatens action to block further investments in US South. He complained that conservatives stirred up massive anti-union sentiments. He said all options will be examined to introduce a works council at the only VW plant worldwide without a formal worker representation. I say, maybe VW is one who cares about employees and the middle class.

Can you imagine why VW would think conservatives interfered when Haslam and the rest of the Tennessee Republican conservative legislature spoke against unions and made threats to cut incentives if the plant went union. Plus, Sen Corker making his two cents worth heard. I guess it appeals to the Republican base and support which is the money and not the middle class. Are these the people that are always talking about government interference?

I am not saying I am for or against unions, unions have had their good and have had their bad. Anyone with any historical knowledge of what companies and industry did in the past, pre-unions, should know that the unions were needed. However, once unions get control and members escalate demands and the union attempts to justify their existence with more benefits and wages, things go bad in the long haul. It is greed by companies and workers.

I saw today that Haslam is not against unions after all if a company wanted to come here that has unions, an interesting reversal. Wonder, does he think maybe VW will not come because of them?   Sad for Tennessee, but I guess someone will get jobs. Mexico seems to be the other choice.    

Paul B Medley II