Letter: Things aren’t so black and white

Feb. 21, 2014 @ 11:02 PM


The Census Burea says by 2050 whites will be a minority group in the U.S. Gregory Rodriguez (Time Magazine, March 22, 2010) says, “How the current white majority reacts to its incipient minority status is the most crucial socio-demographic issue facing the country.”

National Geographic’s (Oct. 2013) Martin Schoeller gave us 20 photographs to view the new face of America and Lise Funderburg concluded, “We’ve become a country where race is no longer so black or white” in “The Changing Face of America.”

Regardless of that, one thing is for certain: Our diversity is becoming increasingly rich. But this diversity is not only around us. It is also within us. It is in each and every cell in our bodies.

My siblings and I were raised to believe we were Scot-Irish on one side and French on the other side. I had my DNA analyzed. What we learned about our family heritage is that in addition we are also German, Jewish, Italian, sub-Saharan African, even Neanderthal. And I thought we had loads of cousins before I received my DNA report. All of humanity came out of Africa, and if we go back far enough, we find we are all related, we are all cousins.\ Why are whites acting more and more like an aggrieved minority? Arthur M. Schlesinger Jr.’s best-selling book “The Disuniting of America,” argues that identity-based multiculturalism threatens the integrity of the nation. 

This is must reading for all. He, for example, decried the separatist impulses of non-whites, or their spokesmen (maybe self-appointed?). Regardless, we have a “white anxiety crisis” in America, concluded Rodriguez. But race in our politics is here to stay, I think.

B.J. Paschal

Pigeon Forge