Time to be generous

Many worthy charities, drives need your support this Christmas
Dec. 10, 2012 @ 12:25 AM

One of the joys of Christmas time is seeing people give so generously to worthy agencies and causes. There are a number of organizations conducting food drives now, from theaters asking for canned food as the price of admission to civic clubs and school groups doing their own collecting of food for the local food banks. Other agencies have been lining up sponsors for children so they have gifts and necessities for Christmas.

The Mountain Press is sponsoring its annual Santa Fund drive, collecting money to be used to improve the holidays for senior citizens and children. The Marine Corps League is working hard to ensure its Toys for Tots program is successful; distribution is coming up in a couple of weeks.

All of these efforts are in keeping with the spirit of the season. Yes, we must never forget the religious significance of Christmas, but it has evolved into more than that. Many stores see a third of their revenues or more in the period between Thanksgiving and Christmas. And most of us want to see children happy this time of the year, and what better way to do that than with toys and clothes and wrapped presents?

Times are tough, to be sure. That challenge permeates all strata of our society. Belts are tightened, shopping becomes more selective and careful, and we are more discerning with our hard-earned money, especially when it comes to spending it on people we don’t know. Still, this is the season when we do just that, when the haves share with the have-nots.

Be as generous with your resources as you can. Play a role in ensuring our food banks are well stocked, our angel trees are bare because all of the requests have been filled, that charities and school drives and programs aimed at making a brighter Christmas for all are supported as extensively as they can be.

It is better to give than receive. Please do your part this Christmas.