Dan Smith: U.S. should avoid another quagmire in Syrian situation

Sep. 10, 2013 @ 11:00 PM

As I write this, the U.S. is “mulling” over whether or not they should attack Syria. Before I get into the meat of this piece, I’d like to ask a question first. 

Do Americans really believe everything that comes from the White House concerning some atrocity committed by another third world country?  Are you still falling for the old, worn out line of terrorists attacking innocent civilians? This same process has already been used when we made up evidence against Saddam Hussein.

There were no “weapons of mass destruction” or evidence that Saddam was behind the 9-11 attacks. Yet it was sold to the American people and we believed it, after slick P.R. and constant reinforcement on nightly TV. We made Saddam out to be Hitler and the devil all rolled into one and marched our troops off to get that guy and allow peace to flourish again in Iraq.

Tell me, is there peace yet? What about the near 5,000 dead military personnel who were told this was for a good cause?  The powers that be continue to tell us that progress is being made, and Iraq is on it’s way to being free.  

Have you seen peace breaking out all over that country yet? Things are no better in Afghanistan either. No progress, and the Taliban are still there killing our soldiers.  And again, it’s not about fighting terrorism. That was a cleaver ploy that we bought into.

Do I care about the middle Eastern people and what they might be going through? Sure. But not to the point of sending people over there to die for a cause that is really not true. You know, you have to look beyond the first “evidence” thrown at you from CNN and the rest of the slanted news organizations, and do a little research on what is really going on.

You could start by reading the U.S. Constitution and using it as it was intended to used; as a manual for policy on how we should conduct ourselves in the world. I can tell you this, it’s not by attacking every third world country on the planet to obtain their strategic location or their mineral rights.

According to emails that have recently surfaced, the U.S.-backed rebel fighters in Syria, trying to depose Assad, were issued gas masks and told to stage a false flag chemical attack and blame it on Assad, the leader of Syria. At this point, NATO forces would intervene to help and protect the innocent civilians.

Have you ever played dominoes? Have you ever stood them end on end and created a design, and then topple the first one and watch all of them fall? This is what is happening in the Mediterranean area, country by country. Guess who is behind the subtle collapse of these countries. We are, with the help of the CIA. That’s what they do; topple regimes and leaders of countries that will not do our bidding.   

As of this writing, the rebels we support in Syria, have been caught three times, staging chemical attacks on civilians. Even Yahoo News reported this in January 2013. Isn’t it funny that the latest chemical attacks on civilians in Syria, have come in areas that are under the control of the U.S.-backed rebel groups. What are we doing, flying these guys from country to country and equipping them with tanks and heat seeking missiles in a subterfuge role?

BBC news had to admit that they used old photos of dead civilians from a past war in Iraq with bodies laid out in a warehouse, and said it was from Syrian chemical attacks. Nothing is what it seems in war. Propaganda plays an important part in it and you have got to do your homework to know what to believe.

We would be so much better off if we would only mind our own business and stop spending our children’s inheritance and running up debt we cannot repay. We could sure use that money here in the United States by helping our own people and our country.

Do you really want this country to be the greatest? Well, it won’t be as long as we are on the present course. We have got to elect real men or women who will simply do one thing: obey the Constitution.