Dan Smith: My thoughts on the Super Bowl

Jan. 28, 2014 @ 11:32 PM

This coming Sunday is Super Bowl Sunday. Now I know that this won’t interest everyone, but it is a once a year ritual that we go through in this country, as we watch the two best NFL teams. Football is not just a man’s game, many women really enjoy, and get into these winter spectaculars.

For instance, I know many women who love watching and going to college football games and are as avid about them as the guys are. Down here in Tennessee, most women root for the Vols. Up in Ohio, they root for the Buckeyes. We have Buckeye parties and invite neighbors and friends over for some of the special games. Just like Tennessee fans, we too wear Buckeye shirts, sweatshirts and hats, and wave flags and woop it up when they score a touchdown.

For those of you who are just not into this sport, I’ll explain a little more about it. I won’t try to explain all the rules because I still don’t know them all after watching football for 50 years. The Super Bowl is played by professionals, where the players come from some college or university. They are drafted by a professional team and get paid millions of dollars to wear the team’s colors and designs.

This Sunday you will see the Seattle Seahawks from yes, you guessed it, Seattle, Washington. They really do have Seahawks that fly around up there and so this is an appropriate mascot name. The other team is the Denver Broncos from Denver, Colorado, the “Mile High City.” I’ve been to that city, but not to Seattle. Again, the name Broncos is appropiate for the team. Broncos are really horses and so this fits them accurately. Some team names don’t seem to fit. Chicago Bears — they have no wild bears there roaming the streets; Detriot Lions, same thing. My Cincinnati Bengals, well maybe. Our zoo there has had more live white Bengal tiger births than anywhere in the U.S.

Some names have gotten football teams in trouble. Take the Washington Redskins for instance. This is Washington D.C., our nation’s capitol. A few groups of American Indians think this name is insensitive to them and want the name changed. Up in Ohio, at Miami University, they used to be called the Miami Redskins. They changed their name to Miami Redhawks. Everyone is happy now. You can do your own research on the other teams.

Now back to the Super Bowl. The Denver Broncos have a quarterback named Peyton Manning. Some say he’s a pretty good thrower. He can toss a football better than most and hits his target most of the time. They pay him millions of dollars as well. He played in college here in Tennessee — not at Vanderbilt in Nashville, but in Knoxville for the Volunteers. You don’t want to get those two teams mixed up.

The Super Bowl is the most watched TV show in history, every year! The ratings go through the roof. Nothing in TV or movies compares to this event. Advertisements on this show are also over the top. A 30-second ad can cost you over a million dollars. Nothing on the planet compares to American football in revenues.

Okay, let’s break it down. Who’s going to win this event? If I actually knew this, I’d be a millionaire the following Monday. Both teams are 13-3-0. Denver has the best offense and Seattle has the best defense in all of football this year. The unstoppable offense against the immoveable defense; something has to give. Peyton does not play his best in temperatures under 32 degrees. This Super Bowl will be played outside in New York. Who knows what the weather will be like at game time. Weather will be a factor in this game, as well as the human players.

So who do I think will win? Before I answer that, here’s a fun fact. If Peyton Manning wins, he will be the only quarterback to win a Super Bowl with two different teams. If the Seahawks win, it will be their first Super Bowl win. It would be Peyton’s second. I’m picking Seattle 30-29.

Most people in this area will pick with their hearts because of the Peyton Manning connection; they want him to win. At the beginning of the season, I picked Seattle to go all the way. So far I’ve been right!