Ursula Beckman: Untruths mark pro-choice side of the argument

Jan. 31, 2013 @ 11:05 PM


Guest columnist

January means different things to different people. The Christmas and New Year holidays are over, children back in school. It is cold. Hours of sunshine are short.

For people in the pro-life community, it is a sad time. It means remembrances of the infamous Supreme Court decision of Roe v. Wade on Jan. 20, 1973, which legalized abortion, without restrictions, during the first six months of pregnancy.

However, did you realize a second ruling, in tandem (same date), termed Doe v. Bolton, was issued. It was a companion ruling so to speak, that broadened the “health” exception to include abortion for any reason during the entire nine months. Also, are you aware that the case/cases for legalized abortion were based on untruths?

One of many leading to the court decisions is a statement by Dr. Bernard Natalson, early leader in the abortion movement, and co-founder of National Association for the Repeal of Abortion Laws (NARAL), speaking on how many deaths occurred when abortion was “illegal”. He used the figures 5,000 to 10,000 a year, but later confessed he knew the numbers were false and exaggerated.

In Roe v. Wade, “Jane Roe” is in reality Norma McCorvey. At 21, she was involved in a consensual affair resulting in pregnancy. She claimed rape (She later admitted this was false), and challenged the Texas abortion laws, seeking to end her pregnancy. Her case went all the way to the Supreme Court. Her baby was born and put up for adoption before the court decision was declared.

In Doe v. Bolton, “Jane Doe” was actually Sandra Cano, who went to a legal aid office in Atlanta pregnant with her fourth child, attempting to divorce her husband and have custody of her children. (She never intended to have an abortion, and later testified she was tricked into signing an affidavit. Neither woman ever had an abortion; both are remorseful and both have given sworn testimony before Congress, McCorvey in 1998, and Cano in 2005, on the issues and falsehoods. They now promote pro-life issues.

Today, 40 years and 55 million dead babies after these Supreme Court decisions, we as God-fearing, supposedly Christian, moral people, must face some truths and examine moral values. The 55 million represents an entire generation — would-be doctors, scientists, teachers, someone’s grandchildren. Gone!

Fast-forward from 1973 to December 2012, Connecticut, where 20 precious children were senselessly gunned down, sparking a controversy over gun laws. We are outraged. In Chicago, 21 people, many of them children, killed senselessly each day by gun violence. And we are outraged. And rightfully so.

Each hour of each day, 120 babies are lost to abortion. There will be over a million more by the end of 2013. I ask you, where is the outrage for these most innocent of the innocent, denied their first breath.

Final thoughts ...

Funny thing about lies and untruths. One perpetuates another and another. Planned Parenthood and other abortion “clinics” would have folks believe that this “product of a woman’s womb” is not a baby, but a group of cells, a blob of tissue, not a human person. At 16 weeks into the pregnancy, there is a heartbeat and a female “blob” (can a blob have a gender?) at 19 weeks carries in its tiny ovaries all the eggs she will have in a lifetime, to one day become a mother. Wow!

Maybe we need to do more investigating. If this “product” is not a human person, abortion is equal to an appendectomy. However, if this is human person, then abortion is homicide. Planned Parenthood: Health clinics or killing places?

Adoption referrals: 2300 in 2011, surgical abortions 334,000 in 2011. They do not keep records of deaths from abortifacient/birth control pills. Profit: $542 billion. What’s wrong with this picture?

Again, where is the outrage? When does this stop? Are these innocent victims the “30 pieces of silver” with which power and self-serving are purchased?

— Ursula Beckmann is a local resident who is president of Sevier County Right To Life.