Dan Smith: Thoughts linger on government shutdown

Oct. 22, 2013 @ 11:34 PM

I suppose the biggest story going on right now is the government shutdown. What I say now was written over a week ago and I'm sure circumstances have changed; for the better I pray.

As usual, people line up with their party affiliation and take that side in the debate. Their party is right and the other one is wrong. It's this way in elections every year also. It's not about who is really right, if either, but "I'm siding with my party." This kind of stance always hurts the country.

I've spoken in the past about how we are not a united nation, or even under God, but a divided one around 50 percent either way. If we're practicing Christianity here now, it's skewed.

We are determined to go our own way in spite of what it is costing the country and the ramifications of such actions. Endless wars and money tossed to the wind in exporting democracy at the barrel of a gun seems to be our primary goal these days.

Clandestine operations that back-fire in our faces and more dead Americans coming home on a transport draped in a flag that we are not even allowed to see or witness, is one of those costs I just mentioned.

So what about the shutdown? Well, if we were a united nation, we wouldn't be in this mess now with all the closings. Let's face it folks and stop beating around the bush, we are two countries within the borders of these United States.

If our politicians were really concerned about you and me, they would sit down and hammer out an agreement and not put you and I through National Park closings and the less fortunate missing their checks.

Our government has checks and balances so that any one particular branch can't exercise authority over another and tip the scales of power. It was set up that way on purpose to keep everyone honest. We're now seeing one of the branches slowing pulling away from the rest. I think it started with George Bush and has escalated with Obama.

ObamaCare, as it has come to be known as, was enacted into law and is being implemented as we speak. It was not agreed upon by the Republicans and they are fighting it to this day. I don't know of any thinking person that thinks it's good. It forces you to spend money by threat of retaliation and will prove to be an inept form of medical coverage. But you now what? I think they already know that.

If the Republicans and Democrats work out a temporary deal (they might have done so by this reading), it only delays the problem until January. One of the key issues is the debt ceiling. Why would you want to give the spenders more opportunity to throw us even deeper in debt. Isn't 17 trillion enough to worry about? Apparently not. How can you spend your way out of debt? Those of you with credit cards know how this works.

We don't have a money problem as it relates to the current shutdown crisis; we have a spending problem. All the money that the government normally spends, is still there. You have been working, like I have, and we have been paying our taxes; the same thing that businesses have been doing. All we are waiting for is for the government to write the checks and spend it, wisely, I might add.

One branch of government wants money for ObamaCare. That was not granted by the House of Representatives, so you don't get it. The Senate has the bill that was presented to them, with the check book, and they refused to sign it. We are unable to spend the money that the House has approved. Just because you didn't get everything you wanted, you make the American people suffer. You should lose your job, Senator; you have failed the American people. Why don't you just quit?

I am against raising the debt ceiling because I'm not going to give my child an unlimited credit card when he does not have the ability to spend in a reasonable manner. It would be like giving your child a loaded gun and expecting a good outcome.