Dan Smith: United States low in polls rating nations

Jan. 28, 2013 @ 11:59 PM

I came across an article in Forbes magazine about the top 10 countries in the world to live in. To my surprise, the United States was not on the list. It had been number 10 in the last poll, but had sunk to number 12 this time.

Why wouldn’t the U.S. be in the top 10 somewhere? Why wouldn’t it be number one? It dismayed me also.

Who wouldn’t want to live in the U.S. with all of the freedoms we have and the opportunities? Apparently most people feel that the U.S. is not number one in too many categories. Apparently there is more of everything abroad.

I’ve never been abroad, never been out of the country. I started looking at other polls that I could find where the United States would figure into the mix and be a part of the best of something.

I found a poll that was “Top 10 Happiest Places in the World.” This poll was based on “Better Life Index” which includes Salary, Employment, and Education.

We have all of those things, but it put us tied with Germany for 16th place. France was 26th with the U.K at 27th. So who won that poll? Ireland!

I won’t bore you with every country for every poll, but Switzerland was voted the best country to be born in. What? Really? After awhile I got cross-eyed reading these polls and numbers. I don’t know whether to believe them or not.

One poll had Denmark number one in something, with the Netherlands and Finland next in line. I didn’t even care what, at this point.

Australia was number one for something with Norway right behind them along with Sweden and Denmark. Where was the United States? I’m still looking at polls, but Forbes says no.

OK, how about this poll: The Top 10 Places to Retire in the World. Where do you think that would be? Equador! It’s number one for the 5th straight year. I’m not sure where Equador is. Sounds like it’s near the equator. Who wants to retire and spend the rest of their lives on the Equator? I could do Florida, but not that far South.

Here you go; the Safest and Most Peaceful country to live in. Where in the world would that be? That’s right, Iceland. I don’t know, maybe. I never hear about shootings there or crazy people acting up. I don’t want to live in Iceland though, either. I’d rather have a little violence sometimes. It brings out that Wild West side of me that I crave.

I will add this concerning Switzerland; they are a neutral country when it comes to war. It doesn’t mean they are pacifists, though, by a long shot. They have a full modern Army and Air Force with the latest jet fighters. They do not engage in the current “terrorism” wars. They do send soldiers for humanitanian relief efforts, though.

They require all males 18-30 to report for military duty and to stay active for the rest of their lives in defense of their country. They don’t invite terrorism and have none. Are you connecting the dots here? Their government actually subsidizes target shooting among reservists and civilians to stay proficient.

Just about everyone owns a weapon to defend the motherland. They have no desire to conquer other countries and take their stuff. They have a thriving economy and as you just read, they are on some lists.

As I’ve stated in the past, you can’t expect to stick your hand in a hornets’ nest and not get stung. Apparently we like being stung. Some of us out here have answers to America’s problems. I’m one of those people.

I will never be elected to any office where I could ever have influence, and if I did, I would be treated like a nut job and ignored by the ones who have been “turned” once they got to Washington and were made to fit in.

Even though these other countries made the lists, I’m staying here to continue the fight to get America back to it’s roots and to restore real pride, not wishy washy lip service, “God Bless Us.” Don’t insult God by saying this, please. He’s not going to do that until there is repentance.

I can see what America should be, but I don’t see it turning back. We are instead, looking for more hornets’ nests.

— Dan M. Smith is a Cincinnati native and Gatlinburg resident. He is the author of two novels. His son is serving in the Air Force. E-mail to dan0729@yahoo.com.