Dave Merrill: Those lovers of materialism often win out

Aug. 01, 2013 @ 11:07 PM

What appears to be another nail in the coffin of traditional Christian/Judeo ethics, of this nation, was hammered in by this nation’s Supreme Court, on June 28. It was that pivotal day that a majority caucus of this judicial body essentially redefined the traditional marriage bed to reflect an increasingly popular Hollywood propagated cultural value system.

It was on that day, that this nation’s high court overruled the will of the majority of the electorate in California via its nullification of Proposition 8.

While this action by this illustrious body of nine jurors adorned in black robes, essentially voided the will of the voting majority within California, in a deeper sense, this action was an underlying predication that the democratic process within this entire nation could be subject to the volition of this judicial enclave.

As the immediate ramifications of this decision are now rapidly playing out within the confines of the California borders, the far-reaching effects of this constitutional determination will no doubt spread quickly beyond the social structure within the confines of that state, to other various and assorted political and geographical entities within these United States. Already, according to recent news reports, selective government bodies and private enterprises within Tennessee are in the process of discussing the possibility of adopting legal guidelines complementary to this high court’s decision.

Because modern societal ideals as a whole have become more out of tune with the defining standards as set forth in the Constitution’s historic framing, can it be any wonder that these modern ideals are, at the very least, a subliminal influence in the minds of at least a portion of this juried body?

Of the arguments applied in modern society’s attempts to digress from traditional constitutional interpretation, in favor of more modern ideologies, is the theory that because knowledge and education are ever-evolving, that today’s society should be more accepting of lifestyle standards evolving in parallel with this enlightenment as well. Yet for those who believe the Bible to be a greater tool of enlightenment than the evolving education scenario, a particular passage found in 2-Timothy 3:7 — “Ever learning, and never able to come to the knowledge of the truth” — seems to adequately describe what is lacking in many educational formats today.

While the context of this passage does acknowledge the advanced learning of these latter times, it also gives strong implications that the intellectually informed of this modern age, will be lacking in the Godly wisdom to process this learned information correctly.

Certainly while a prime intent of the Supreme Court’s decision may have been to placate the views of many with alternative social and moral goals, for another segment of this country’s populace, there may have perhaps been a differing underlying agenda apart from the social ramifications of this issue. The particulars of this agenda may have leaned heavily toward the economic stakes involved, and so may have also had a prominent concern in the outcome of this court’s decision and quite possibly also may have had an indirect influence on that outcome.

There is no doubt that many of those entities which bear these economic interests, in all probability, could personally care less about the social or moral implications of this issue, but do have a deep affection for the growth of green in their wallets and the added black ink on their bank statements. Many with this mindset were already tuned in to the jingling sound of additional cash flow even before by this landmark decision was finalized.

But after California’s Proposition 8 was officially nullified, that sound rang louder in the ears of not just a few government agencies and private sector businesses as they began calculating the potential for increase in funds to their various coffers.

Since the battle between Godly morality and the love of material gain has been raging since time began, and given history’s narratives, it really should not be so surprising that throughout man’s history, those with a materialistic focus have strongly expressed the allusion of being on the winning side.

Yet for those whose focus lays beyond the temporal pleasures gained here in this life, the real victors are not those with most tangible things in their possession, but those who possess the intangible treasures of the heart.

— Dave Merrill is director of By His Hand Ministries and can be reached at draymer1620@yahoo.com.