Letter: Denying alcohol sales takes away money for the schools

Mar. 11, 2013 @ 11:36 PM


I’m sure we have all grown tired of the debate concerning alcohol sales in Pigeon Forge, but I feel that I have to respond to recent letters and ads by the anti-liquor group.

My wife and I are Pigeon Forge residents who own a small retail business in Pigeon Forge. Whether or not this referendum passes will not affect us in any way other than we may not have to send customers to our sister cities when they wish to enjoy a mixed drink with dinner.

However, there have been so many accusations and false statements made that I feel I must state my opinion to the ones who oppose LBTD. My wife and I are voting for alcohol sales in Pigeon Forge restaurants. We see this as a wonderful opportunity to raise large amounts of revenue for Pigeon Forge schools while allowing our visitors and locals the personal freedom to enjoy a mixed drink with their meal as they are able to do in Sevierville and Gatlinburg.

I know that some residents are very much opposed to LBTD in Pigeon Forge and they certainly have the right to their opinion. But I do have one or two things to say to the anti-liquor group. No one is using children to get LBTD. The opposite is true. We are using state-mandated laws on alcohol revenue to gain needed funds for Pigeon Forge students.

As you vote to send new businesses and many tourists to our sister cities where mixed drinks are allowed, while taking potentially half a million dollars from Pigeon Forge Schools each and every year from now on, have you planned on how you will replace this money? Will you join together and write checks totaling half a million dollars each year to donate to our schools? Will you organize large annual fund raisers to come up with the money that you are taking away?

I hope you have some sort of plan, because it will be very much needed if you mange to take away alcohol tax revenue in Pigeon Forge!

Tim Kellar

Pigeon Forge