Letter: 9/11 memorial stirred strong emotions

Sep. 13, 2013 @ 11:57 PM


I cried my eyes out on 9/11 watching the NYC memorial. Backed by an officer or firefighter, serving at great risk daily, family members of those murdered read 2,977 names. I will never forget what happened in N.Y., D.C. and Pennsylvania.

The names tell us America is a melting pot. Regardless of origins, these were essentially responsible people, going to work, working, defending, traveling for work/pleasure or willing responders.

Critical lessons are:

These barbarians were Muslim, Islamic jihadists committed long-term to terror as again today in Benghazi. They hate, are committed to lie, kill Christians, Jews and all infidels (all who refuse to convert to Islam, accept Islamic law).

The U.S.A. is founded on Judeo-Christian principals, clearly defined Declaration of Independence, Constitution, Bill of Rights.

Sharia law cannot “co-exist” so they declare war on us. They come as supposedly peaceful people but look at political Islam at work where they take control. Poverty, chaos, abuse, intimidation, filth, disorganization, dependence, hatred, disrespect for women and vast numbers of fellow human beings all prevail. Their wealth comes in large measure from selling oil.

Let’s recommit, dedicate our lives, fortunes, hard work to founding principles, becoming good stewards of all God provides. Waste, abuse, nepotism, allowing/enabling bad behavior must be all be rebuked. Change/strong action is needed in all sectors of America, especially at all public levels: Federal, state, county, city and utilities.

Energy independence is required, developing all sources (nuclear, gas, pipelines, oil, wind, solar) to become independent of Middle East barbarians. The Energy Department failed in that stated decades-long mission and needs to be fired.

The private sector must commit to innovation to strengthen our nation, to being fully responsible Americans.

Public waste, inefficiency, irresponsibility and enabling of bad behavior is crystal clear. Total lifetime compensation/spending must be pared to private sector averages/norms. Cut out special favors/luxury and get frugal.

Debt, unfunded obligations and excessive spending are destroying this nation. Excess/waste is taken from real needs, for security, for honest people in real need, for infrastructure, innovation and development in the private sector where effectiveness creates jobs.

Look at what we had, what we are becoming straying from our principals, look at what most of the world is and decide what is best. Our direction or to be like them are bad choices.

“A government big enough to give you everything you want is strong enough to take everything you have,” Thomas Jefferson said.

What defined our founders defines responsible Americans:

Faith in, love for our Creator, His Word.

Love our families, set a positive example for them.

Read, know, commit to The Constitution, Bill of Rights and Declaration of Independence.

Personal Responsibility.

Truth and Honesty.

Good Stewardship in public/private, searching for, exposing, confronting error, waste/evil every time.

Strong Work Ethic for effectiveness, productivity, growth.

Support responsible Americans.

Directly help people who really need help (we always have).

Knowing we are imperfect/merely mortal, strive to improve.

Defend our nation, these principals against all enemies, foreign and domestic.

How do we and those around us measure up?

Howard Kingsbury