Letter: Reader says president didn’t better things with super majority

Jan. 29, 2014 @ 11:30 PM


Poor Mr. Medley.

I am not sure whether Mr. Medley (letter to the editor, Jan. 23) is confused or just plain uninformed. What I am sure of, based on his many letters to the editor, is that Sevier County is too conservative for him.

I find it a bit ironic that he loves the “progressive” (Marxist) agenda and believes that they have all of the answers. If my memory and the facts are right, Obama had a super majority for his first two years in office, while things got “progressively” worse.

It seems his socialist agenda did not seem to fix things. Imagine that! With regard to Obama’s socialized medicine legislation, maybe Mr. Medley has not noticed that not only are Sevier Countians against this massive government intrusion into our lives, so are a vast majority of Americans.

I have a suggestion. Havana is only 90 miles off of Florida’s coast and Venezuela is not much farther. Perhaps Mr. Medley would be more comfortable in one of those wonderful places. Of course, he would have to give up his letters to the editor if he moved there.

In Havana he could enjoy the one chicken per month which the Castro regime allows each family to have. If Mr. Medley hurries to Havana, he may even catch a glimpse of Fidel before he croaks!

Sonny Coane