Letter: Threats to leave town won’t change anything

Mar. 04, 2013 @ 11:40 PM


Rating the intelligence of some officials at this time would be easy on a scale of 1 to 10. Your paper mentioned two in the Feb. 27 paper. Both would hit the scale at 1.5. You have one running amok for emergency action. You have a second who feels he’s so important, that the threat he’ll leave is going to change anything.

Several weeks ago I wrote your paper to ask the officials to let the people know about drink by the glass. Was it a drink with dinner or did it mean nightclubs would be on every corner? I for one was asking for a simple answer so I could go to the polls and know what I’m voting for. Did anyone come forth with those answers? No.

Instead, a half-page advertisement, a sermon of threat, is published, saying how this person is going to blow the whistle on the corruption going on behind closed doors. Surprise! I think we know. It won’t get your way.

Honesty cures all evils. What is drink by the glass? Honesty. What will schools get?

For the gentleman who took the time to inform us, I hope you find a place to go where your mind will be at peace. Where no liquor is around you and where there is no corruption to disturb your life. When you find it, please put it in the paper. Perhaps we can start our own town.

Beverly A. Dean

Pigeon Forge