Letter: Alcohol would be the beginning of decay, filth in Pigeon Forge

Feb. 28, 2013 @ 12:19 AM


With all the controversy being brought about concerning the sale of alcohol in the city of Pigeon Forge, I feel compelled to express my opinion.

One of the problems of the good citizens of our country is the fact that so many sit back and do nothing, while allowing the small minorities to take over and shove things, such as this, down our throats. It’s time we take a stand for what is right and do all we can to protect our children and their future.

“Forging Ahead” is definitely forging ahead. This is how I define forging: To make or imitate falsely, especially with intent to defraud. I wonder if this group realizes how appropriate my definition fits and defines them. Every time it’s mentioned, whether in their ads or spoken, it definitely speaks their agenda. For a group of money-hungry people (that’s what it’s really all about) to prey on our school children and teachers to promote their wicked agenda is just one of many false and deceitful tactics they’re using.

“For the love of money is the root of all evil.” I Tim. 6:10a. Do they not realize that all the signs and advertisements in the paper are being seen by our vulnerable children. Can they not see their actions give our children the impression that alcohol is okay if it helps our schools? Is this really what voters want? May God have mercy on our children!

Let’s face facts. Just how much of the tax revenue from the sale of alcohol will actually be filtered down to the schools of Pigeon Forge? Very little. Voters, stop and think. Do you not realize that the city leaders will cut the budget for the schools in proportion to revenue generated, in order to promote other endeavors?

Is deeding property to non-residents, then taking it back after the election, really just “buying” votes? Not to mention the fact of being very unethical and immoral.

How long will it be, if this referendum is passed, before this same group will have their first strip club in Pigeon Forge and all the filth that follows? This will be just the beginning. How many of these promoters are motel owners? Oh yes, they will get plenty of business, that’s the bottom line.

Is this what you want? If you vote for this referendum, your actions may come back to haunt you and/or your children. May God bless those of you who vote against it.

Milton Greer