Letter: Boys & Girls Club volunteer upset over way she was let go

Feb. 23, 2013 @ 12:13 AM


This is to let the members of the Sevierville branch of the Smoky Mountain Boys & Girls Club and their parents understand the reason for my sudden disappearance.

During the week of Valentine’s Day there was a serious breakdown of management communication, of which I am the victim. I came to work on my regular schedule carrying valentine-making materials, purchased out of pocket to extend the budget.

Upon my arrival I was told the Fine Arts room, of which I am the director, was not available because it was to be used for a special meeting. No substitute arrangements had been made to accommodate my class, which was expected in an hour after school let out. It was suggested I should go home and return in the morning. The next day as I was leaving to go home from the club I was still understandably upset at not being advised of this change in room scheduling and the disarray the room was in and voiced my displeasure to the executive supervisor who had just come into the club.

As I was leaving, the club director told me he’d just received instructions for me to clear my personal belongings from the room by tomorrow. Thus, I had no opportunity to bid farewell to the children and their parents, all of whom have told me many times over they sincerely appreciate the work I have done in the nearly 3 years I have been there and the creative spirit I have instilled.

I was employed through E.T.H.R.A. (East Tennessee Resource Agency) and as such was not on the Boys & Girls Club payroll, but was considered a volunteer.

I wish nothing but growth and success for the Boys & Girls Club of Sevierville, and I’ll miss each and every one of the young members and hard working staff who have touched my life.

Jo Jones